Know what the bride and groom want

Good wedding photography depends on the communication between the photographer and the couples. Make sure you interact with the couples and find out what kind of shots they want. Try to ask them if they have any special photography requests. You have to know that all couples do not have the same photography tastes.

wedding event photoshoot

Visit the location beforehand

It is always a good idea to visit the place the wedding will be held beforehand to familiarize yourself. Visiting even some of the locations will go a long way in improving your wedding photography. This will help you have an idea of where you will shoot your photographs and help you know where the light will come from.

Many beginner wedding photographers have a problem with the location as they may miss some of the locations that could produce the best shots. Visiting the location before the marriage day will guide you on the sequences to use and choose the best sites to save time on the wedding day.

This is also the time you can use to assess any special requests the couples give you and see if it is possible to achieve them. This will help you give advice to the couples on the best shots and inform them early enough if their requests are feasible.

Turn off possible distractions or additional sounds

There is nothing more disappointing than your autofocus camera beeps when the couples are in the middle of a kiss. As a photographer, you do not want to hear your phone ringing during a memorable speech during the wedding dinner.

Try to find out if there are any audible distractions and switch them off if there are any. It may seem a little thing to do. However, you will be surprised by how much you would miss if you had not switched off any distractions. A wedding is all about those memorable moments and as a photographer you should not miss any of them.

Use two cameras

Many wedding photographers have two cameras for wedding photography. One of the camera bodies will have a wide angled lens while the other one will have a telephoto lens. This is because weddings do not give you the luxury to change the lenses and still catch up with the memorable moments.

If you can use different focal lengths, then you cannot miss those magical moments associated with weddings. Do not give up if you do not have another spare camera body. Just borrow it from your friend. Do this and you will come back and thank me for the advice.


RAW is the best format you can use for wedding photography. It is a very useful tool as you can alter the white balance of a shot after you have taken it. This is a feature you cannot find when you use JPEG. Using RAW will help create different effects on your photographs.

Prepare yourself well for the event

Unexpected events can happen at any given time. You have to be always prepared to avoid panic in case anything happens. Prepare by having extra batteries, take extra lenses and have a lens cleaner in your bag and you will not have anything to worry about.

Wedding photography is all about perspective

As a photographer, you have to try different perspectives. All you have to do is to experiment with different perspectives. There are mundane objects, like flowers at the reception which when included in your shot will make the shot, even more, stunning.


Your creative inspiration is the key to success in wedding photography.  The wedding setting does not give you time to compose your shot. If you are relaxed, your creativity will flow, and it will show in your shots.