Javier Gonzalez – Voted one of the best photographers in the USA.

I am a professional wedding photographer traveling all over the world with couples for their destination wedding photo shoots. Capturing those special moments with the camera is so awesome. I love photography, and that is the reason I work seven days of the week. After working with the best photographers in the country, I learned a lot and started building my portfolio.

Weddings are magical and being the person who captures the forever moments makes me feel more special. Awarded by some of the most reputable companies in the photography industry I feel more responsible to guide and train young photographers.

I would also like to help the to-be-married couples choose the best photographer for their wedding day. Whether it’s the engagement day or a per-wedding shoot, I’ll share my experiences about what qualities you must look in the person you hire and what theme and location suit best.

I am very open to suggestions and feedback. So feel free to drop me an email or contact on my Facebook page.